Dolares a Pesos understands the needs of Mexicans.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Queretaro at the epicenter of the highest concentration of demand for remittance services in Mexico. This handful of states account for nearly half the transfers destined for Mexico each year.

Our remittance network covers close to 48% of the market

  • Michoacán
  • Guanajuato
  • Jalisco
  • Puebla
  • Estado De Mexico
  • Veracruz

We offer 2000+ locations outside major cities

Reducing the hassle of lengthy travel times was one of our primary goals when we established Dolares a Pesos. Knowing that our clients live outside major cities, where the major banks are located, we decided to break away from the traditional offerings of our competition and take remittance services outside the realm of big banks.

Innovation shouldn't just meet needs, it should surpass them

With the ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations evolving in Mexico, we are preparing to launch several new products that will give our remittance services a definite edge over our competition. We live in a world where the vast majority of money exists in digital form, not as hard currency. Leveraging existing and already well established technologies, we are close to announcing our first two alternate remittance receipt products.

Prepaid cards have been around a long time but are just coming into the picture in Mexico. Product development in this area is already far advanced and we anticipate making a public announcement shortly in this area. Our other product initiative involves the adaptation of an existing electronic system that will revolutionize the market not with new technology, but by utilizing existing technology in an entirely new way and innovative way.

DaP Daily EX

1.00 USD = 11.60 MXN

Corporate News

  • DaP in discussions with another one of Mexico's largest chains
  • DaP working on deal for advanced mobile platform
  • DaP receives offer to expand into the Philippines

Over 2000 locations!

We're pleased to announce that we've passed a new milestone on our path to bringing affordable and secure remittance to where it's needed most.

Want to become a provider?

We are always looking for new locations to help us expand our remittence services. Our rapidly growing network of individual agents and large retail chains can always benefit from another business partner.

Contact us and let us know what state(s) you operate in, the type of establishment you own/run and we will begin the application process.

Note that we do have established guidelines regarding the size and type of business that we will partner with.

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